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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association

Mission Statement

Mission Statement
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The Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association is dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of pet pigs through educational programs, and community outreach programs.
It is our belief that education is the key to preventing needless deaths, abuse, neglect, and abandonment, of pet pigs.
While pet pigs are wonderful companion animals for some people, they are not the right pet choice for most people.
Most of the suffering and abandonment of pet pigs, is directly related to lack of education, or mis-information when pigs are taken into homes as pets.
Our goal is to provide educational programs throughout the community, free workshops and care advise, for new pig parents, and provide free educational materials to anyone wanting to learn more about potbellied pigs as pets.
Our Association provides all our services through membership dues, and private donations from caring people who love pigs.