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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association

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We offer several Free Brochures for anyone wanting to learn more about Potbellied Pigs. These great brochures offer practical and useful information on:
  • Potbellied Pig Adoption
  • Is A Pet Pig The Right Choice For You?
  • Pet Pig Housing, Care, and Feeding
  • Pet Pig Spay, Neuter, and Health Basics
  • Pet Pig Facts
  • Miniature Pigs, Myths Versus Reality
  • The Potbellied Pig Story
  • Helping Hoof Outreach Program 
  • Pig Or Pork, Be Informed About Your Choice
  • Preparing For The Unexpected-What would happen to your beloved pet, if something happened to you ?
To request your free brochure(s) just fill out the form below, and click on the brochures that you would like. They will be sent out to you as soon as possible.
**We never share any information you share with us, so please feel comfortable to request any of the brochures you would like**

Potbellied Pig Adoption-Is It The Right Choice For You ?
Miniature Pigs, Myth Versus Reality
Pet Pig Facts
The Potbellied Pig Story
Helping Hoof Outreach Program
Pig Or Pork, Be Informed About Your Choice
Preparing For The Unexpected
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**At this time, we are only able to send free brochures to the USA only**.
If you are a pig rescue, sanctuary or association, and would like multiple copies of our brochures, please email Kim at, and we would be happy to share them with you.