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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association

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Educational Pages
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Whether you are a new pig parent, or someone just considering adopting a pet pig, you will find many answers to frequently asked questions here.
We require that anyone wanting to adopt through us, read through our educational material prior to contacting us for an adoption application.
***Some of these pages are still under construction, so check back often. The ones with the underlined links are complete, and ready to view ***

Page 5~Seasonal concerns for your pet pig
Page 6~Feeding your pet pig
Page 7~Interaction with children and other pets
Page 8~Adding another pig
Page 9~Basic Health Maintence
Page10~The Importance of spaying or neutering your pig
Page11~Choosing the right Vet
Page12~Loading and transporting your pig

Education is the key  to ending the suffering and needless deaths of potbellied pigs