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Petunia And Winkie

Potbellied Pigs, also refered to as Miniature Pigs, are very intelligent, and unique companion animals. There are many myths about them such as that they will stay small, and are good house pets. This is rarely the case. Below are some true facts about Potbellied Pigs.


Lifespan~Approx. 18 years


Adult Size~Approx. 85-150 pounds. Some are even larger. Potbellied Pigs do not completely stop growing until they are about 3 years of age.


Males can grow large tusks at adulthood, that require occasional trimming. They have a very strong, unpleasant, odor used to attract females ,and display inappropriate sexual behaviors at a very young age if not neutered.


Females go through heat cycle every 21 days, and can reproduce at a very young age. For a few days during their cycle, they can become aggressive and moody. In addition, this breed of pig is very susceptible to developing uterine cancer if not spayed.


Potbellied Pigs are highly intelligent. They are 4th on the intelligence chain, only behind human, apes, and dolphins.


Pigs are grazing animals, and it is a vital part of their good digestive health. Pigs that are not allowed to graze often times have trouble with constipation and some even develop intestinal blockages that require surgery.


Despite their reputation, pigs are actually very clean animals. A pig will never eat or sleep where it has used the bathroom, and are very tidy about their bedding. Most pigs hate to get wet in the rain, and don't like walking through muddy, or slippery areas.


Pigs also make good companions for people with allergies, as they are hypoallergenic, unlike cats or dogs.


Pigs do grow a nice thick coat of bristles(hair), and blow their coat each summer, until completely bald, and grow a brand new coat of thick bristles before the winter arrives, to help keep them warm.


They need routine care to keep them healthy such as regular worming and hoof trimming. Males may also require tusk trimming.


Despite the old saying " sweating like a pig", actually pigs do not have sweat glands, and can suffer heat stroke and death very quickly on hot summer days. It is very important that they have all day shade, and either a pond or childs swimming pool to cool of in on hot days.


Pigs are very social animals. In their natural environment, the live in groups called "Herds". Within the herd, each pig has a specific social ranking. Pet Pigs will include their humans as part of their herd, and will place social rankings on them as well.

Often pet pigs will see young human children as small and weak, and will place them at the bottom of the social ranking, and try to bully them. Caution should always be exercised when you have young children around pigs.





Potbellied Pigs are very intelligent, and have been credited for saving the lives of many of their owners.