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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association


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The TNPPA has several Potbellied Pigs available for adoption to approved homes. These pigs have either been abandoned, neglected, or abused, and are in need of loving forever homes.

Our adoption requirements are in place to ensure these pigs who have been through so much already, are not placed in a similar situation again. For that reason, we require home safety checks before placing any pig in an adoptive home.

The adoption procedure is as follows:

1. Do your research on Potbellied Pigs. Find out about their environment requirements, adult size, diet, routine health maintenance, spaying or neutering, interactions with children and other animals,  and check your ZONING allowances in your area. Our new site has some educational material available now, or, you can visit the Shepherd's Green Sanctuary site, at, to view a very large collection of educational material, where you are sure to find all you need.

2. View our adoption requirements and policies, to make sure you meet them.

3. Providing you meet our adoption requirements, email us for an adoption application.

4. Once we receive your application, we will contact you by telephone, to go over your application with you and do a phone interview.

5. Providing everything goes Ok with the phone interview and application, we will set up a date and time with you to visit your home or farm, for a home safety check.

6. Providing everything is satisfactory at your home safety check, you will be given an approval letter, stating that you are an approved adoptive home, and stating how many pigs you are approved to adopt. This saves time should you decide to adopt another pig in the future, or should you decide to become an approved foster care home.

7. Once those things are done, we will talk with you about what age, color, sex, ect..pig you would like to adopt, and find the right pig(s), for placement in your home.

8. The pig(s) will be delivered to your home, and we will have you sign an adoption contract.

9. We do not charge an adoption fee, but donations to help cover the costs of spaying or neutering are always welcome !

10. As part of our adoption package, we will also provide you with a literature package on pig care, and provide you with a phone number an email address, so you can get advise and help with any problems you may be having. This is especially helpful for first time pig parents :)

After are free to love and spoil your new companion !


  • All pigs are spayed or neutered prior to placement in the home.
  • Because we require home safety checks, we can only adopt to homes within Tennessee, at this time.
  • All pigs will have been given a health check, and be in good health at the time of placement.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any application for adoption, for any reason.