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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association

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Piglets & Younsters-Under 1 Year Of Age
 For piglets and youngsters under a year old,  feed a good commercial potbellied pig food such as Mazuri Youth formula. If your piglet is reluctant to eat the feed at first, try mixing a little goats milk in with the feed, and gradually keep decreasing the milk, until it is eating just the feed.  You can also try sprinkling some baby rice or oatmeal cereal on top, to make it more palatable  at first.  Try to feed your pig at the same time each day. For piglets under 6 months old, feed about 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of feed, 3 x a day. After they are 6 months old, feed 3/4 to 1 cup, twice a day. Always make sure they have clean water available at all times. You can also give cut up apples or cheerios, to young pigs as snacks in moderation.  Since pigs are grazing animals, when they are around 3 months old, it is also a good time to let them start exploring grass and other vegetation, that they will soon incorporate into their daily diet.
For Pigs Over 1 Year Of Age

For pigs over a year old, feed a good commercial potbellied pig feed such as Mazuri Active Adult formula, or Manna Pro Potbellied Pig Feed. Both are made specifically for potbellied pigs nutritional requirements. Try to feed at the same time each day, as pigs are very centered around routine.

As much, and vegetation is not as plentiful, feed around one to one and a half cups, twice a day. During summer months, when they are grazing, and eating vegetation, cut back to one to one and a half cups, one time a day. Usually in the late afternoon or evening.  Always have plenty of clean water available at all times.

“Special Treats”

Potbellied pigs are cute and quite enjoyable to feed; however "treats" should be earned and given in moderation, as over doing it could cause an over weight and unhealthy pig.  Healthy and delicious pig treats include fresh fruits and vegetables, melons and rinds, air popped popcorn, cheerios, & popcorn cakes.  Air popped popcorn or cheerios can be scattered for scavenging or filled into a busy ball or buster cube which rewards them for playing with the ball and getting some exercise! Summer time is wonderful for cool, refreshing  treats.  Your pig will enjoy a cool treat on a hot day as much as we do!  Over ripe bananas can be sliced and frozen for a delightfully yummy treat, along with frozen mixed veggies, frozen melon, or vegetable juice popsicles!  Some pigs even enjoy bobbing for ice cubes left floating in their shallow water pans. Use your imagination, but be mindful not to feed snacks that contain large amounts of fat or calories.