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Tennessee Potbellied Pig Association

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  • Your zoning ordinances must allow for potbellied pigs.

         A securely fenced in yard or pasture, not smaller than 50 x 100. Fencing needs to be either hog or cattle panels, or a tight, woven wire, farm fence. Chain link or barbed wire strand, are not suitable for keeping pigs in. Pigs cannot be  pastured with horses, goats, or dogs, with the exception of livestock dogs, such as Great Pyrenees.

         A well constructed, warm, dry, house, shed, or private stall in a barn.

         All day shade, such as shade trees. Either a pond or child's wading pool.

         A suitable vehicle for transporting the pig to the Vet, such as a van, SUV, or truck with livestock trailer, and a ramp for loading the pig into the vehicle.

         Financial means to provide good commercial feed, routine health maintenance such as worming and hoof & tusk trimming, and Veterinary care.


         For safety reasons, we do not adopt to homes with small children under the age of 10, unless the child has been raised in a farm environment, and been taught safe animal handling practices. People that adopt pigs, and have young children in the home, do so at their own risk.

         We do not adopt to homes with large dogs such as Rotts, Pit Bulls, or Hunting breeds. Other types of dogs must be kept in a separate area from the pig, with the exception of livestock guarding breeds, such as Great Pyrenees.

         We generally do not adopt to people who rent, without written permission from their landlord, and on a case-by-case, situation.

         In the case of very young piglets, they will be spayed or neutered before being placed in an adoptive home, and their foster care provider will decide when they are ready to be weaned, and ready for placement.

         Because we do require in home safety checks before placing a pig, we do not adopt outside of Tennessee.

         We do not charge an adoption fee, but donations to cover the costs of spays or neuters, are always welcome.

         When possible, we prefer to adopt pigs in pairs, so they have a companion of 'their own kind".

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption application for any reason.